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Confit de Grenache ~ Another new product from Ronnie McKinlay

Ronnie McKinlay (pictured above with Walter McKinlay) has introduced another new product to her portfolio of items selling at the domaine de Mourchon caveau. 

The Confit de Grenache is made from our Grenache wine concentrated with spices and set with sugar and apple pectin. ~ Read More…

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Grenache grapes have come roaring back in Washington

"Wine Adviser Paul Gregutt says it is again an important component in blends, notably the so-called GSM (grenache-syrah-mourvèdre) wines based on southern French reds." ~ Read More…

~ Mourchon 

Craig Whitson of The Norwegian National Barbecue Team on Mourchon Wines

The following is an excerpt from an appraisal note from Craig to Domaine de Mourchon who had the honour to supply Mourchon wines to accompany the winning efforts of The Norwegian BBQ Team at the World BBQ Championships in Memphis :

“I want to thank you again for the wines. Your people in Houston did an excellent job and the wines arrived in Memphis in perfect shape.

The best news is that these wines are unbeatable with many of the barbecue dishes we were making. The wines are flexible food-wise and really held their own with the sweet/sour flavors we often use. The Grenache grapes are ideal for wines paired with grilled meats, and your wines really did the trick. I have often used Zinfandel with this type of food but I am equally as pleased with the southern Rhône wines. I have always felt a connection between zin and Grenache even though they are very different grapes. Both grapes work well with smoky, spicy, tangy and meaty. I really loved the wines.

In the same way I would use Riesling as a good white wine for many Asian foods, I would choose a Grenache-based Cotes du Rhone as a good all around, very flexible red wine.

I can also inform you that we did very well in the competition with 3rd in Exotic (with rack of lamb), tied 6th in Beef (tenderloin), and our first ever Top 10 ranking in the main category (Pork Shoulder; 8th place). 

It was an honor serving the Domaine de Mourchon wines in Memphis…”

~ Mourchon

Access Show at The London International Wine Fair

Ryan Opaz host of the Access show at the London Wine Fair featured Grenache when domaine de Mourchon and six other Grenache wine producers faced an audience of enthusiastic of wine lovers.

Ryan Opaz (R) with Chester Osbourne the renowned Australian Grenache producer.

~ Mourchon

"Terra de Garnatxes" : Mourchon at G-Night in Barcelona

It was great to meet our fellow Spanish vignerons who gave us a very warm welcome and organised a great show at the Omm Hotel on Tuesday 27th March. Lovers of fine wine together with 17 Spanish producers, 7 French and 1 Californian met to discuss and taste Grenache-based wines.

We are delighted to say that the Domaine de Mourchon , Family Reserve Grenache was really appreciated. Included amongst the oldest and the best were also a 1930 Rivesaltes presented by George Puig & some of the best Clos Figueres Priorat.

~ Mourchon

Plant Replacement


Our hard working Scots girl Deborah is seen here planting vines at our new les Sausses parcel of Grenache. ~ Read More…

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Five Things About Wine To Focus On In 2012 

"It’s been a busy January. The dry weather has let vineyard managers get ahead on their work - while praying for rain. But there’s also a surprising amount of energy in the wine world right now, a desire to get back on track after three tough years." ~ Read More…

~ Mourchon

A Successful International Grenache Day

"The food matching Grenache wines at our international Grenache day celebration were well received. Probably the favourite pairing was Ronnie McKinlay’s chestnut cake with our 100% Grenache family reserve. " ~ Read More…

International Grenache Day : Tastings at Mourchon on Friday 23 September 2011

On International Grenache Day - this Friday September 23rd - we propose tastings throughout the day of Grenache based wines with home made amuse-gueules by Ronnie McKinlay, such as rich cheese beignets, Turkish olive cake with yoghurt. ~ Read More…


Planting a new parcel of Grenache at Mourchon.  ~

The Grenache-Symposium

The Grenache-Symposium team continues to raise the profile of the Grenache grape.  ~